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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Transforming Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry in Menifee

Most of us have something about our smile we wish were different. With the right cosmetic dental treatment, you can make that change a reality.

At Healthy Smile Dentistry in Menifee, CA, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Phung provide quality cosmetic dentistry using innovative technology and careful attention to detail. Our dentists blend art with the science of dentistry, creating a smile that’s healthy, uniform, and flattering to you.

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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Me?

Man looking at his smile through a tooth shaped mirror

Whether the change you like is small or dynamic, with the right cosmetic treatment, you can achieve the smile you want most. Cosmetic dentistry features a broad range of service, many designed to address multiple cosmetic issues at once.

We provide cosmetic solutions to many issues, from chipped or damaged teeth to dental gaps, misshapen teeth, minor misalignments, and discolored enamel. Each treatment is tailored to you, so your smile will be transformed into exactly what you hope for.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

Our dentists are committed to helping you enhance your smile through customized services and innovative dental technology. At our office, we provide:

A Healthy Smile is Captivating

Happy senior woman standing outside her house

When assessing your smile, the first thing we do is evaluate how healthy your smile is. Many cosmetic issues can be caused or linked to dental health problems like cavities or gum disease. If the problem isn’t addressed before cosmetic treatment, the results won’t last as long, and it could lead to more serious problems.

We’re passionate about helping you enjoy the best smile you can. We make your health our first priority so that you can enjoy a great smile with a strong foundation that will last for years to come.

Smile Design: Your Completely Custom Smile

With smile design, even the most complex cosmetic changes can be achieved through customized dental care. Also known as full mouth reconstruction, this service takes a comprehensive approach to every aspect of your smile, combining treatments as needed to reach the best results.

No two smiles are alike, and their treatments shouldn’t be, either. Our dentists take the time to evaluate your smile and create a unique plan that addresses your concerns in a way that’s both efficient and effective.

What Services are Involved in Smile Design?

Any cosmetic treatment is available as part of smile design. Some may even double as restorations, helping to repair or replace teeth that are damaged or missing. A custom treatment plan could be as simple as combining veneers with teeth whitening, or as complex as replacing teeth with implant-supported restorations.

What’s the Smile Design Process Like?

young female patient checking the color of her teeth with a mirror

Our first step is conducting a consultation. Our goal is to understand what you’d like your smile to be, which is different for every person. Some people want a completely uniform smile, while others might enjoy little quirks such as a slight gap that adds personality to their smile. We take the time to listen to your thoughts and make sure we know what you’re looking for.

To start, the dentist performs a careful evaluation of your smile. This includes not only a visual exam but also x-rays and other methods to gain a thorough understanding of your health and oral situation. We address any health concerns first, then help you understand your options. There are often multiple choices for your cosmetic treatment, and we explain them carefully so you can make a confident and informed decision.

Once we’ve decided on your treatment plan, we arrange the treatments so that they are efficient and convenient for you. For instance, teeth whitening is done before veneers or crowns are placed to ensure that the custom restorations match your brightened teeth and don’t look out of place.

The time and number of visits involved will depend on how extensive your custom plan is, but once complete, your smile will be aesthetically pleasing and uniquely your own.


Teeth Whitening

Dingy or discolored enamel is one of the most common cosmetic issues faced by adults, and also one of the most noticeable. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening offers a simple and effective fix to help you get your brilliant smile back. Stains built up over years can be dispelled in as little as an hour, giving you a fresh new smile you can flaunt at any social event, job interview, and throughout your daily life.

What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

Our office provides professional-grade teeth whitening in two delivery methods for your convenience. In-office whitening provides powerful results in a single session, while take-home teeth whitening kits let you lighten your smile at your own pace.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our chairside whitening sessions use the highest potency bleaching gel. You’ll have a dental professional monitoring your treatment closely to ensure that your results are even across your smile and to minimize tooth sensitivity.

We’ll show you where your teeth rank on a color chart before and after treatment so you can visibly see the difference; some patient smiles become up to eight shades brighter in as little as a single session!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

These kits provide you with professional whitening from the comfort of your home. Each kit comes with a custom-made tray to ensure comfort and even results across your entire smile.

A quick visit to our office is all that’s needed to make impressions for your tray, and once it’s complete, you can whiten your teeth when and where it’s most convenient for you. These trays make it easy to perform touch-ups when you need it simply by picking up a refill of the whitening gel at our office.

Is Over-the-Counter Whitening as Effective as Professional Whitening?

Beautiful smile and white teeth of a young woman.

Most over-the-counter whitening products have the same active ingredient as professional teeth whitening, but the concentration is much lower. This means you would have to whiten more frequently and more intensely to achieve the same result.

However, this poses a new problem as it can begin to affect the enamel negatively, leading to tooth sensitivity and even permanent discoloration. Overall, retail products are good for minor touchups, or routine maintenance such as with whitening toothpaste, but for safe, effective whitening, a professional product is the stronger choice.

Keeping Your Teeth White and Vibrant

When you whiten your teeth, you want your results to last. Consider these simple tips to help you enjoy your brilliant smile as long as possible.

  • Limit staining foods and drinks (such as coffee, tea, soda, red wine, dark berries, and tomato sauce).
  • Drink water after meals.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use.
  • Remember your six-month cleanings!
  • Use a take-home kit for touchups before big events.

Custom Veneers for Reshaping Your Smile

If you’re frustrated with the shape, size, color, or spacing of your most visible teeth, veneers can help with all of it! Each veneer is a thin ceramic shell custom-made to fit over your teeth and transform your smile. Our office provides personalized veneers that are sturdy and lifelike, and your entire treatment from consultation to placement can be done in as little as a day.

The One-Day Process of Getting Your Custom Veneers

Most dental offices take weeks to complete the veneers process while they wait for a dental lab to craft and deliver the custom veneers. In our office, our patients can receive their personalized veneers in a single office visit thanks to our E4D dental technology.

dentist checking veneer shade with patient's tooth

After discussing your goals for your smile, we create a custom design for your veneers. Our dentists are careful to consider the many factors that affect your smile’s aesthetics, including the width of your smile, lip thickness, skin tone, and face shape. Each veneer is designed to look natural and flattering in your unique smile.

Once the design is complete, the dentist takes a digital impression of the teeth being treated with a special laser scanning technology. This impression is sent to our special milling machine, which crafts each veneer out of a block of high-quality ceramic colored to look natural in your smile. You can even watch the milling process as your new veneers are created.

Finally, when the veneers are ready, the dentist buffs the front surfaces of the teeth, which keeps them from looking bulky and helps the veneers to bond. Once they’re secure, you can walk out of the office with your new smile complete.


High Quality Same-Day Crowns

Patients whose teeth need protection or repair can now be preserved without affecting a smile’s aesthetic appeal. Our crowns are custom-made in our office to fit your smile with digital precision, ensuring a comfortable fit and dynamic results.

Do I Need a Crown?

Crowns are one of the most versatile and multi-purpose restorations, capable of healing, protecting, and enhancing your teeth all at once. Our dentists often rely on crowns in cases of:

  • Cracked, fractured, or broken teeth
  • Severely worn teeth
  • Misshapen or undersized teeth
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Large fillings
  • Finalizing root canal therapy

Benefits of a Same-Day Crown

All crowns are helpful to your smile, but the benefits increase when you can get the whole process done the day of your first visit. With our E4D milling technology, you can enjoy even more positive features of your beautiful custom crown.


With a same-day crown, you immediately receive your custom crown and get the highest level of protection right away.


A same-day crown turns what is normally a two-week process with two visits into something that only takes a day.


Being able to make the crowns in our office helps us minimize cost by avoiding a dental lab. It also means you don’t have the additional cost of a second office visit or a temporary crown.


Same-day crowns are made by digital impressions, which means no messy putty is involved. They’re also very precise, which means greater comfort and only minor adjustments to ensure the best possible fit.

How Lasers Improve Your Dental Treatment

We’re committed to providing you with innovative dental care that enriches your health and experience. One of our tools for accomplishing this is our dental laser. Laser treatment helps the patient experience by delivering treatment that’s faster, more precise, and more comfortable.

Lasers can be used for various applications, most notably as an alternative tool to remove decayed enamel and shape teeth. The laser uses pinpoint accuracy to eliminate cavities without affecting the surrounding enamel or tissue. It’s also quiet and produces no vibrations, making treatment more comfortable and relaxed.

What if I’m Missing Teeth?

Dental model showing missing tooth

Few things impact your smile’s aesthetic like missing teeth. Not only is it a cosmetic concern, but numerous health issues can occur after tooth loss.

We provide implant-supported restorations designed to look and feel natural. Dental implants are the only restoration to replace both the root and crown of the tooth, which offers stability and numerous health benefits. Each implant is topped with a lifelike restoration, and with our custom crowns, we can ensure that your smile is healthy as well as visually appealing.

Your New Smile Awaits!

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to keep daydreaming about the smile you wish you had. You can schedule a cosmetic consultation and take the first step toward the smile of your dreams now! Contact Healthy Smile Dentistry in Menifee, CA, to achieve your ideal smile today!